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Happy Anniversary | Reflections (and advice!) one year later...

We'd like to wish our June 2009 couples a very happy one-year anniversary, much happiness, love and excitement as they enter their second year of marriage! We hope this first year has been nothing short of amazing for them! At the end of the post, check out some Wedding Words of Wisdom from Christine & Brent, and see what they've been up to :)

Karen & Bernie ~ June 6th, 2009

Eric & Dara ~ June 7th, 2009

Ellen & Jon ~ June 13th, 2009

Loni & Britton ~ June 14th, 2009

Alison & Chad ~ June 20th, 2009

Laura & Jim ~ June 26th, 2009

Christine & Brent ~ June 27th, 2009 ~ Check out their advice below!

What are the photos from your wedding day that you wouldn't want to live without? All of them of course – it’s impossible to find any that I could live without! I love all of the wedding party and couple pictures – specifically the pictures by the red door and on the bridge. I also love all of the candid shots that capture the feeling of the day and the emotions of the person in the picture. One that is a personal favorite is the picture of Brent and I walking out of the church just after we were just married and we are smiling huge, genuine smiles at each other – it was right when we realized we were actually married! It was such a special moment and you captured it beautifully.

Were there any moments that you didn't get to experience, but were excited to see that we captured? Reactions as we were walking down the aisle, reactions of guests to the speeches during the reception. I also loved the dancing pictures from the reception – it all went by so fast it was awesome to see all of the guests having a great time.

What piece of advice would you give to couples looking for their wedding photographer? Look for a photographer that you will get along with - you spend all day together! Also pick someone that will listen to what you want but still use their own creativity to get those awesome shots! It’s also wonderful when there are two photographers – so many amazing moments are captured when the photographers can “divide and conquer.”

What were the best decisions you made regarding your wedding? Besides our photographer of course… :) Our DJ choice - he did an awesome job and kept the guests dancing and the party going until 1 AM!! Other good decisions were putting disposable cameras on the tables [in addition to professional coverage] -  some absolutely hilarious pictures were taken, buying flip-flops for all of the bridesmaids (and me too of course), and picking hardy flowers that looked amazing all night – and for the entire next week!

Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently with your wedding? I would have given us a little more time for pictures between the wedding and reception. I also would have worried less in the week before the wedding – in the end everything worked out perfect and the little things that did go wrong… no one knew about because only I knew what was supposed to happen. It is such a fun time of your life and there’s no need to let your worries affect your ability to take it all in and enjoy every minute.

Happy anniversary! How will you be celebrating? We will be going to a nice dinner, seeing Cirque du Soleil in Minneapolis (!) and staying in a nice hotel downtown for a bit of an in-town vacation. We are also finally going to watch the video of our wedding – we decided to wait and watch it a year later as a way to relive the wonderful day.

Any exciting news from this last year or fun things happening around the corner?
We have settled into our new house (finally!). Brent and I have both received promotions in our jobs which continue to keep us busy. We are hoping to do a decent amount of traveling in the next year – NYC, CA, Canada, FL and possibly even Europe! We want to really make a point to enjoy this special time together just the two of us before we add kids into the mix!

Any other fun facts, words of wisdom, etc. you'd like to share with us? You don't marry someone you can live with, you marry the person who you cannot live without. 

Thanks so much for the helpful advice, Christine & Brent! And congrats on all the big news this year! Happy travels :)
~Miranda & Adam

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