Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Loni & Britton's Wedding ~ Milwaukee / Urban Ecology Center

Loni and Britton had a beautifully intimate ceremony at St. Cyril and Methodius Orthodox Church in Milwaukee. The church fit them perfectly, as it has a strong social justice and community mission, which is really important to the couple. Britton's dad is also a deacon there, making the ceremony all the more special (he's the gentlemen on the left in the first ceremony photo).

Loni and Britton walked into the church together, symbolizing their mutual love, respect and equality.

After the betrothal, or exchanging of rings, they proceeded to the center of the church, hands joined, symbolizing their unity of mind and body. Once to the center of the church, they received their crowns of glory and honor.

Their specific crowns were also symbolic of the two of them. The green ribbon in the back signifies their respect for nature and the environment and the white braid is a visual reminder that their lives are forever intertwined.

Even their candles represented them, made of beeswax to honor their intent to be stewards of the earth.

Loni and Britton then took their first steps as Husband and Wife, following the priest as they walked around a table with the Holy Gospel.

With their love and respect for nature, it couldn't be more fitting, then, that their reception take place at Milwaukee's Urban Ecology Center. Not only do they both volunteer there, but Britton also has an internship with them.

We had such a great time photographing their Bride and Groom shots, while the two of them taught us all about the plants we were passing. It was so interesting! :)

While we were walking around, we could hear the distant sounds of Folk Music... two of their guests sitting on the terrace and sharing their talents.

They had a potluck dinner with the biggest variety of amazingly delicious food!

Potted plants instead of cut flowers decorated the tables...

Congratulations, Loni and Britton! You compliment each other perfectly :)

~Miranda & Adam


  1. WOW! You guys get all the cool weddings... :-)
    Great stuff you two! and I feel hungry now....

  2. Mmm, all those food shots made me hungry...

    Anyway, I LOVE the jumping shot! It's perfect. Great job!