Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wedding Words of Wisdom: The First Look

You may have noticed we’ve mentioned the First Look concept in a couple of our recent blog posts; two of our recently married couples Lisa & Greg and Dara & Eric both did the First Look on their wedding days.

Those two blog posts perked a lot of interest and questions from our upcoming wedding clients this season, so we thought we’d elaborate a bit for you.

So what is the First Look?
The First Look is when a couple decides to see each other before the ceremony in order to get all or most of their photos taken prior to the wedding. First Looks can be as private or as shared as you like. Some couples choose to keep the moment between the two of them, while others invite their wedding party and immediate families to watch. Typically how it works, is the groom faces one way, while the bride walks up behind him (capturing the looks of anticipation on the Bride and Groom's faces during this moment is one of our favorite things to photograph). When she reaches him, he turns around for their First Look (the photos below will tell it even better).

Why would we want to do this?
1) This is a great option for couples whose ceremony and reception times are close together because photos are much less rushed, and you are therefore much more relaxed. Your wedding day flies by so quickly, and it’s great to be able to take your time so you can soak it all in.

2) Often times on wedding days, the couple sacrifices one thing or another so that they have enough time for photos. Either they skip the receiving line, miss cocktail hour, or forget the idea of riding around with their wedding party on a bus or limo. By doing photos before the ceremony, there’s no need to miss any of these things. Enjoy them all!

3) By not having to skip cocktail hour, the couple can spend plenty of time socializing with their guests in a much more fun and natural environment, rather than making the “table rounds” during the reception (also, we can then get some awesome candid shots of you and your guests during cocktail hour). This is also a bonus because by not having to do the “table rounds,” there’s much less of a dinner lull and everyone can get right into fun and dancing :)

Doesn’t it make it make the ceremony less exciting, then?
Not at all. Couples find that it doesn’t take any of the magic out of the ceremony. It’s still an amazingly special moment seeing each other in front of your officiant, family and friends, and knowing you’re about to become Husband and Wife. And the walk down the aisle is just as grand and full of anticipation... you’re about to get married(!) and seeing each other beforehand cannot steal that excitement :)

Also, a lot of our couples feel that the First Look makes their wedding day even more intimate. When seeing each other for the first time, they get to embrace each other, admire each other, and hold each other. It extends that moment, allowing you to hang onto it and truly embrace and cherish all of those amazing feelings.

But I always pictured my father “giving me away.”
Actually, you can still choose to do this and have the best of both worlds :) Check out the First Look photos below from Alison and Chad’s wedding. Alison and her dad walked through the garden together, where he led her to her future-groom who was waiting for her under the privacy of a beautiful Japanese tree.

Anyway, we all know that photos tell it better than words, so here you go... :)

We love the first couple photos we caught of Chad taking a deep breath and adjusting his jacket...

The look of excitement on Alison's face as she's walking up to him melts our hearts.

Chad hears Alison walking up behind him and gets a huge smile on his face!

... and then they held each other for the longest time :)

Congrats, Alison & Chad! ... More previews of your wedding photos to come! Hope you post some of your honeymoon photos on Facebook :)

Talk to you soon,
Miranda & Adam

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  1. AnonymousJune 30, 2009

    If the rest of the photos are as good as these, we are definitely in for a treat. Thank you so much! You two are amazing!!!

    Alison and Chad