Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary Faye & Brett ~ Fort Atkinson

The ambiance of St. Joseph Catholic Church really set the tone for Faye and Brett's wedding... it was smooth sailing the whole day. You can really see the calmness in Faye's eyes (below) as she's getting her makeup done.

Faye was really touched to see this photo of her dad pinning the boutonniere on her husband-to-be. We hear so often how much people enjoy the getting-ready photos. This part of the day flies by so fast that you tend to forget all the touching, fun and even hilarious things things that might happen... or in this case, special moments that you didn't get to otherwise see.

We love this powerful photo of Brett, excitedly waiting for Faye to walk down the aisle to him.

During this part of the ceremony, the priest discussed "the key to a happy marriage." Afterwards, he gave them the key he was holding during his sermon.

Congratulations, Faye and Brett! We're sure you haven't lost the key to a happy marriage :)

~Miranda & Adam

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