Friday, June 05, 2009

Happy Anniversary Suzanne & James ~ Meadow Springs Country Club

On June 7th, 2008 we had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Suzanne and James. Remember the crazy tornado storms and flooding last Spring? Yeah, well it was that weekend. I'm probably scaring the heck out of brides right now, since weather is one of your biggest concerns... but don't worry- I'm getting to my point.

The day started out with beautiful weather... sunshine, pretty clouds, etc. all the way through the ceremony. Then the clouds got big and dark... and bigger and darker. Pretty ominous looking. This was the weather that was forecasted for the day.

But no Tornado Warning could ruin this wedding. All of the guests still came out to celebrate in their marriage, and more importantly, Suzanne and James kept everything in perspective: they were MARRIED! They were not going to let this storm rain on their parade!

(I love this shot of Dan, Suzanne's dad, excitedly peering over the side of the church staircase before walking her down the aisle!)

And, it all worked out perfectly. Adam and I had big black umbrellas that Suzanne and James and their wedding party could use so we could still get gorgeous outdoor photos, and when the rain slowed, we got some cute shots under the shelter of an evergreen.

It was also such a cool atmosphere inside the Country Club. Seeing the rain and hearing the thunder through their big windows was actually really romantic.

Moral of the story: Things might arise on your wedding day that aren't part of the plan. Instead of getting irked about it, embrace it. It's all part of your day and part of your story... and things just might end up the way they were supposed to :)

Congratulations, Suzanne and James, on your One-Year Anniversary! We're so glad we could share it with you.

*Sidenote: Did you know that rain is actually good luck on wedding days? It's not just something people say to make you feel better... it's TRUE! Many cultures have their own ideas on why it's good luck. What are the reasons you've heard?

Ceremony: First Congregational UCC, Lake Mills
Reception: Meadow Springs Country Club, Jefferson
Florist: Flowers by Faye
Hair and Makeup: Hair & Things

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