Thursday, June 04, 2009

Meet Zoe

Since we talk about our dog all the time, full name, Zoe Zelda Zynda, a lot of our clients and photographer friends have been asking to see some photos of her... so we did a little Pet Session with her. She is a huge ham, and a little vain. We always catch her checking herself out in the mirror, and when we tell her she's pretty, she lifts her head proudly :)

She is the biggest sweetheart, loves to cuddle, and thinks Adam is her boyfriend. When we hug or kiss, Zoe huffs an then worms her way in between us to give Adam kisses.

She likes to tease me... like when I ask her to do tricks, she'll talk back and then play "dead dog" if she knows I don't have any treats (go figure, I forgot to include that trick in the video below).

Anyway, in addition to our favorite photos from the session, we thought we'd include a little video of Zoe being her super-smart, fabulous self. I mention Twitter in the video and think I used the wrong term... twittering, tweeting, whatever... I haven't fully learned the Twitter lingo yet ;)

And without further ado, here is Zoe's video debut!

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  1. That is an swesome dog and sooooo cute