Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Collection Shootout: Part 3 of 3 ~ Samantha

Here's our last batch of photos from The Collection Shootout... first was Ali, then Sara and Nick, and now Samantha.

Adam and I have photographed Sam a thousand times... her and her husband's wedding, many fun family sessions with them and their two children, and her mother's wedding. So we thought we knew what it was like photographing her (always a joy, of course), but did she ever surprise us! Sam is apparently an undercover model, as she channeled her inner high-fashion self and was hitting poses that could beat the girls on America's Next Top Model. Dang!

But speaking of posing, shootouts are an awesome way for us to not only experiment with poses we've been wanting to try, but to also have a better understanding of what's flattering to the body, to play with interesting relationships between people and their settings, and to improve our directing skills.

Thanks, Sam! Looking forward to your and Dan's Anniversary Session this summer!

Again, We'd like to thank Miki of Moss Floral Design for the GORGEOUS flowers, and Miss Ruby for the super cute dresses!

We've been having SO much fun on our shootouts this year, that we've been thinking of having a Reminisce Road Trip this summer, setting up shootouts along the way. Any recommendations for destinations???

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