Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Collection Shootout: Part 1 of 3 ~ Ali

As you might know, Adam and I belong to a group of photographers called The Collection...

"We have come together as a closely-knit group of artists who offer more than special packages and slideshows. Each photographer’s unique approach, style and perspective fuels our group’s commitment to evolving the Art of Wedding Photography." ~ The Collection

Each month, the ten studios get together, eat some good food, talk shop and inspire. I can't say how invaluable it is to not look at each other as competition, but instead as friends. We are all growing as people, artists, business owners and innovators.

Earlier this month, we got together for a super fun shootout! We experimented with light, posing, location... and had a blast!

The funny thing is, after weeks of planning, our models flaked. So Adam and I asked our friends and clients, Samantha and Ali to model (and Molly of Mthree Studio also brought a couple of former clients, Sara and Nick). I think it worked out for the best, because they were all natural models and did a fantastic job! Thanks so much for participating! Hope you had as much fun as we did :)

Special thanks to my friend Miki from Moss Floral Design for providing such gorgeous bouquets for our shoot! Thanks also, to Miss Ruby for lending us such fabulous dresses, and to Megan our makeup artist for sharing her talent.

Thanks to everyone who chipped in to bring this awesome day together... from planning, to location scouting, to styling. We work well together! xo

Anyhoo, Adam and I were so happy with our photos from the shootout, that we'll be breaking our blog posts up per model.

Here's Ali! Adam and I are SO looking forward to photographing your wedding this fall!!! :)

(Us all setting up in our undisclosed location.)

(Artists' Eyes having some fun.)

(Ali looking fabulous.)

Can you guess where we shot, or why we chose this location? :)


  1. Nice work! I showed off our site and shoot out at Treehaven. I think most of the class was pretty amazed that we worked TOGETHER!

  2. MiaS PhotoMay 18, 2009

    awesome shots