Monday, May 18, 2009

The Collection Shootout: Part 2 of 3 ~ Sara and Nick

Sara and Nick did an awesome job at The Collection shootout! Because they were the first to be done with hair, makeup and styling, they were the only models who had the experience of all the photographers shooting them at the same time (the rest of the day, we all floated between the models). It totally looked like the paparazzi, but they were total champs :)

Here are some of Adam and my favs. Thanks so much, Sara and Nick! And thanks again to Miss Ruby for lending us the lovely gowns.

(Here's a little behind the scene's for you, of Craig directing Sara :)

(Love the dust in this shot! Who knew dust could be so beautiful?!)

8 of these 11 shots are using only natural light. One of our favorite things to do when shooting is to make natural light work for us. It's a fun challenge... and gorgeous :) It sculpts the features and body, and creates rich tonal ranges, depth and contrast.

Adam and I also love shooting at non-traditional locations, like with this shootout. It's so inspiring to make something from nothing, and not rely on a pretty background to make a good photo. Know of any cool locations you'd like to share with us... or maybe even do a shoot at with us???

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