Monday, May 03, 2010

Happy Anniversary | Reflections (and advice!) one year later...

We'd like to wish our recent one-year-anniversary couples much happiness, love and excitement as they enter their second year of marriage! We hope this first year has been nothing short of amazing for them! At the end of the post, check out some Wedding Words of Wisdom from Kara & Ben, and see what they've been up to :)

Kim & Mark ~ April 18th, 2009 ~ Welcomed their First Born, Samantha

Lisa & Greg ~ May 17th, 2009 ~ Moved to California, where they're both Doctors

Kara & Ben ~ May 30th, 2009 ~ Take a peek below!

What are the photos from your wedding day that you wouldn't want to live without?
That is a tough one- so many good pictures to choose from. We love the photos by the fountain, the adirondack chairs, and on the golf course. The pictures of the entire wedding party are also a lot of fun.

Were there any moments that you didn't get to experience, but were excited to see that we captured?
The shots before and after the ceremony are priceless. Especially the photos of Ben having moments with friends and family before the ceremony. The photos of the reception are also great to see how much fun everyone had.

What piece of advice would you give to couples looking for their wedding photographer?
Two pieces of advice- 1- don’t skimp on photography and 2- have two photographers

What were the best decisions you made regarding your wedding?
Location- Our location was amazing and beautiful
Photographers- Having two photographers that are super fun and creative
DJ- Best DJ in Wisconsin

Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently with your wedding?
The one thing that I would have done differently is to have someone other than my parents coordinate the flowers. We did our own flowers but did not plan the delivery and distribution of them very well. Secondly, I would have planned more time for photography of us in between the ceremony and reception.

Happy anniversary! How will you be celebrating?
We are staying a couple of days at Grand Geneva where we were married. Spending some time golfing, going to the spa, eating good food, and enjoying some time away.
Any exciting news from this last year or fun things happening around the corner?
Ben and I both finished school this May. Ben finished his Engineering degree, and I have completed my dual master’s degree. We now have free time to spend together hiking with the dogs, biking, and hanging out with our friends. Looking forward to where life leads us.

Any other fun facts, words of wisdom, etc. you'd like to share with us?
Words of wisdom- Have fun, laugh a lot, and enjoy life!


Happy Anniversary! And thank you for your great advice, Kara & Ben!

~Miranda & Adam

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