Friday, April 30, 2010

Miradam's Musings

Sorry! We've been pretty absent from the blog last week. As we mentioned a bit ago, we're working on a huge project... part of which we finished yesterday! We're so excited to reveal most of it to you sometime this June :D BUT the blog posts are back in the schedule for next week. Until then, we thought we'd tide you over with some musings...

~ A couple of weeks ago, we took a day off and one of the things we did was stop at Milwaukee's Villa Terrace. While we've photographed weddings and sessions there, we only briefly had a chance to walk through on our own, and that was a few years ago... so we thought it was time that we paid it a more lengthly visit :) As always, it was gorgeous (photo below from Wikipedia).

~ We've been doing tons of photo-location-scouting lately, and while walking around the streets of Bay View, we saw this very perplexed dog... and we could not stop laughing! :D At one point, the dog was laying is head on the "gentleman's" lap, just staring at the head!

~ We recently had our mentor session with Kenny Kim (we had the winning bid in the Thirst Relief Auction). We had a blast getting to know him, talking shop, seeing his Thirst Relief and Italy work, enjoying a delicious meal here, sipping some red wine and espresso... I could go on and on. We can't thank him enough for the invaluable advice he shared with us. He was humble and fun, and we look forward to hanging out with him again the next time we're in Chicago :) We finished the day checking out the Shedd Aquarium (we only got to see half of it last time) and having dinner with one of our best buds. I love days when everything just puts a huge smile on your face! Here's a photo Kenny took of us with his phone, and one that we shot at Shedd (also on our phone).

~ A couple of weeks ago, we met up with photo friends in the Third Ward at Gallery Night & Day to check out some artists' work, including ours. The MIAD graduate show was also that night, and it was so exciting to see so many blossoming artists with their futures full of possibilities! A fair amount of them created books, which I was disappointed to see were not for sale. We asked them, and it seemed they hadn't thought of it (they were probably overwhelmed with finishing their project, completing their last semester, etc... which is very understandable!). I hope some future MIAD graduates are reading this so they can learn to sell their artwork. Anyhoo, here's a shot at the exhibition that had nine of our pieces in it (taken on my phone)...

~ We finally invested in some new office furniture!!! Bought two sets of these (below). Cannot wait to receive it!!! Our office is currently by far the least pretty room of our home... but not for much longer!

~ Also while scouting, Adam and I took a little break to go paddle boating at Veteran's Park. We're slowly but surely learning to balance work and play... It's very easy as a small business owner to be all work and no play. Having balance is not only good for your personal life, but it also refreshes you as an artist (or whatever your career may be). Here's one of our shots from the pond (taken on our phone).

Have a great weekend! Talk to you soon :)
~Miranda & Adam

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  1. Here, here! Love your comment about all work and no play! I also love Kenny. I'm really excited that you won that auction. Can't wait to see/hear about the influence in your business. I just purchased his wedding photographers planner book. Happy Spring, Pamela