Friday, April 16, 2010

Miradam's Musings

~ We're super proud of Dave for winning a prestigious award!

~ We went to our first Brewers' Opening Day. We had great seats, and it was a blast :) But, we're going to save our Brewers' festivities for non-opening day games in the future. Way to crowded! We waited in line for the bathroom and then waited once in line for a beer, and got back to our seats over two innings later! Here are a couple photos from our phone from the game (the first one is on the bus we took from the State Fair grounds to the game).

~ Speaking of the game, it was GORGEOUS out that day! I was wearing a tank top in the stands and was hot... and even got some color (which is rare for me - Miranda - since I normally reflect the sun)! Then, two days later it was snow flurries outside our windows. That's Wisconsin for you.

~ We've been busy bees working on several projects along with trying to perfect our workflow before wedding season is full force.

~ Not sure if you've heard of the new rampant drug among teens dubbed "skittles" but apparently Skittles-the-candy-company thought it would be cool if they marketed to skittles drug users and exploited this issue by making their new website hallucinogen inspired. That's wrong on so many levels.

~  Our nieces have their favorites among Adam and I. Grace's fav is Adam (Uncle A), and Ava's fav is me (Auntie M). Coincidence or not, Adam is Grace's Godfather and I'm Ava's Godmother. They're still too young to even really understand that, so I don't think it has anything to do with it...? It works out nicely, though, because when Adam and I hang out with them, they don't find the need to compete for attention. All is harmonious and fun :D

~ Adam's pool leagues are over now, and his team finished 2nd! He's officially a part of Mad Dog Saloon's history, with a little plaque on their wall. (photo from my phone)

~ Two different clients of ours had loved ones pass away over these last couple of weeks. Each expressed their gratitude for the memories we captured for them. Adam and I are humbled and honored that we were able to give them such important remembrances with our photos. Our condolences, love and support are with them and their families.

~ We purchased pre-sale tickets for Lady Gaga this September! Neither of us have ever been to a show like the one she's bound to put on, so we're pumped! Most of the concerts we've been to have been rock, blues, and hip hop, so a huge pop star's show will be a very new experience for us!

~ Whenever it's nice outside (which has been surprisingly often this April), we've been going for long walks in the park. We have some lovely Spring photos that we'll be sharing with you soon! One day, we saw HUGE birds that we had never seen before. With the help of Google and Wikipedia, we discovered that they were Turkey Vultures (see below, photo from Wikipedia).

~ Don't forget to come see our work at Light Ideas Gallery this weekend at Milwaukee's Gallery Night & Day! :D We'll be there tonight, and hope to see you! :)

Talk to you soon!
~Miranda & Adam

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  1. Gallery Night is this weekend?!? I'm going to miss it by one day...sad christmas!