Thursday, November 05, 2009

Amanda & David's Engagement Session | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Amanda and David might look familiar... we recently posted photos of David proposing to her! We were really excited for their engagement session, not only because they're our friends, but because a lot of the locations hold meaning in their relationship. Here are some of our favorites from their shoot...

First, we stopped at Bullseye Records, one of the places they stopped at on their first date. Later in their relationship, Dave gave Amanda the record you see below, which he bought "for himself" on their first date :) Then, we hopped over to Comet Cafe...

Another place they went to on their first date was Alterra. After hanging out there for awhile on our shoot, we headed to the riverfront where they made an outfit change. Amanda wore a dress that used to be her grandma's. She made some awesome alterations to it, and looked adorable wearing it :)

Congratulations, again! We're SO excited for your wedding (on my birthday) next year! And Adam is so happy to be your best man :)

Miranda & Adam

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