Sunday, October 04, 2009

David PROPOSES to Amanda! ~ She says, "YES," Cedarburg, WI

As you may have read, I had the honor of photographing one of Adam and my best friends propose to his girlfriend (and now fiance)! He originally planned on proposing a few weeks later, but just couldn't wait and bumped it up! That gave us zero time to actually discuss the logistics of how, when and where I was going to photograph this amazing moment.

I was on-call for when they were close to Cedarburg and I was to leave the house. I knew he was going to propose on a bridge, but unsure of which one. Then on the way there, Dave texted me that the bridge had something to do with the railroad. When I got to Cedarburg, I walked into a few shops, frantically asking about the bridge (I wanted to get there ASAP so Amanda didn't see me walking around town, as they were already there eating lunch). After striking out a few times, a lady finally knew what I was talking about! :) So I made my way to the bride and found my stake-out. I texted Dave to give me a call (again) from the bathroom so I could tell him where I was hiding (in the bushes at the far end of the bridge) and which way to have her facing so that she wasn't in shadow.

And then I waited...

Dave said they'd be there in about a half-hour, so I spent 15 min photographing the bridge and then went into hiding. HOWEVER, I thought he'd be proposing on the main part of the bridge, but it was actually the side, kitty-corner of me. So in order for me to see what was going on and when to pop out and start photographing, I'd have to totally peek my head out. I didn't want to take any chances that Amanda would see me and I'd ruin the surprise, so I just hid and waited, hoping that I'd hear something. And... I couldn't. They were as far from me as possible. And then... a shriek of joy!!! I knew Dave must have gotten down on one knee... I ran out and started shooting. Here is the PROPOSAL!!! :D

This is when Dave told Amanda that I was photographing the proposal :)

Months before, Amanda and Dave carved their initials into the bridge, and that's where he popped the question!

They both got on the phone, announcing their engagement to some of their favorite people, and then on the way to a celebratory Bloody Mary, told everyone on the streets that they were engaged!

Congratulations, David & Amanda! And thanks, Dave, for the awesome friend-in-law!


~Miranda & Adam


  1. LOVE IT!!!! This almost made me cry. Gah, I'm such a sucker!

  2. This rocks....very cool moments captured forever.

  3. ..... Once upon a time ....
    ... Happily ever after .....

    This is a FAIRYTALE wedding to-be .....

    What GREAT friends they have to be such a HUGE part of their "Engagement" and to capture it all ...

    As Amanda and her Mom were telling me about the proposal night ... and then ... and then ... and then .... the BEST part (well except for the actual proposal) is that David had set this up already w/you both to capture this all .....

    What GREAT MEMORIES they both now have !!!

    Mary Kay :)