Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our new nephew, Evan! ~ Newborn Session

As you may have seen by recent Tweets or status updates, Adam and I have a new nephew!!! He’s such a lucky kid with amazing parents and the help and love of his two big sisters, Ava and Grace!

We posted some photos when he was just a bun in the oven, and below you can take a peek at this new little man, Evan...

Along with the belly-to-belly shot in their last session, another family tradition is a newborn photo with their dog, Brook.

Little Pumpkin! :)

Go Badgers!

My sis and her hubby call Evan their Little Monkey...

Even though sucking her thumb isn’t Grace’s best habit, it’s absolutely adorable :) Grace calls Evan “Baby Ev” and plops her toys on him to share (except Cuddly Bear).

Ava showers Evan with kisses and proudly shares stories about him...

Thanks so much for the handsome new addition to our family!

Lots of love!
~ Auntie M & Uncle A


  1. So adorable! Congrats on your new nephew!

  2. Jenna WiederholdOctober 21, 2009

    wow those pics are amazing!!! You did a beautiful job and he is adorable!!

  3. Melissa TomanOctober 21, 2009

    I love these photos! I wish we were still in WI so you could do ours when baby comes!!