Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sarah & Steven ~ Veteran's Park / Third Ward

A couple of weeks ago, we did an exchange with Sarah and Steven of Spottswood Photography, who are also members of The Collection with us.

When we were at WPPI this past February, Adam and I were telling other photographers about The Collection, and they thought it was the weirdest / coolest thing. How can photographers in the same area who are within the same price range be friends and share secrets with each other?! While photographers network and help each other out on a national and international level by means of avenues like the [b] school, having that camaraderie on a local level is almost unheard of.

When I was in college (for photography, graphic design and journalism), one of my design professors always said, "You can't design in a vacuum." I think this holds true to any kind of business, whether creative or not. The Collection is happy to help each other out, and by doing so, we're elevating each other's creativity and our businesses. We get together on a regular basis to "talk shop" and also get together for fun, like the recent shootout we had. We keep each other on our A-Game, staying on top of the industry and challenging our creativity so that we're always fresh.

Just thought I'd share a little about our friendship with other local photographers. :)

Anyway, here are some of our favorites we shot of the Spottswoods...


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Thanks much!
~Miranda & Adam

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  1. The photos turned out awesome! Great job.