Monday, July 27, 2009

Wedding Words of Wisdom: Make It Your Own

This video blew up online last week, but in case you haven't seen it, we thought we'd share it with you :)

Definitely an outside-the-box wedding entrance for the unconventional couple. But even if you aren't this wild and crazy, it's cool to think of how you can make your wedding match your personalities. After all, shouldn't your day reflect you you are?

From bug boutonnières, to a rubber chicken making an appearance in a ceremony, to choreographed dance routines, to Green weddings, to washing each other's feet, to intricate food menus to the Racing Sausages running through a reception... we've seen and heard of such unique, hilarious, and touching things incorporated into wedding days... all the better to showcase your love.

What stand-out weddings have you seen or heard of? What are you incorporating into your wedding day? Share your comments below!

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Thanks much, and have a fabulous day!
~Miranda & Adam

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