Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Red Rock Canyon Shootout: Part 1 of 4 ~ Jackie

While at WPPI, the third shoot we did was at Red Rock Canyon. This was our second time there, but a COMPLETELY different experience from the last. The last time we went, it was completely desolate, except for the random mountain climber... this time, not so much. With 12,000 photographers at the WPPI convention, the desert was full of tiny specks of photographers in the distant mountains- the vacant road now like a busy street downtown. Last time it was about 75 degrees- this time about 35 degrees, which is pretty surreal. In one eyeful, you see cacti and other desert plants, and in the other, blankets of snow.

Our particular shoot was arranged by Ryan Christensen of Innovative Photography and Laura Marchbanks, and we had about 25 photographers in the group with 5 models.

(Check out the mountain climber in the lower left!)

Between the 2 of us, we have so many photos, so why not share a whole bunch with you? We’re going to break them up with a few posts, each featuring a different model. Here’s Jackie. She was so awesome, energetic and adventurous.

Thought we’d throw this one in for you to give you a taste of the landscape. We were so sore the next day from climbing! Shooting, and not just in a canyon, can be really physically demanding. Great photographers will do anything to get the shot! :)

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