Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Day in the Life: Anniversary Edition

You might remember from our last post that Adam and I had some “major conversation” on Valentine’s Day. Well one of the many, many things we talked about that night was why Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights is by far my favorite book of all time.

I read this book in a UWM Honors College class with one of my favorite professors, David Southward. This book means so much to me. I don’t want to say why, because some of you might be interested in reading it, and I’d like for you to be able to find your own meaning in it (though if you’re reading it, let me know and we can chat!).

Anyhoo, today a FedEx arrived! Adam said it was my anniversary gift (strange, since we don’t buy each other gifts... we always exchange cards and go out for a nice dinner). He told me I had to wait till our anniversary to open it :( ... but I (with a little help from my mom), convinced him otherwise :)

I’ve never been so touched by a gift.

My hubby gave me a Limited Edition copy of Wuthering Heights, in mint condition, with hand leather binding from 1931. It features wood engravings by Clare Leighton, signed by the artist, and is one of 450 ever made! Needless to say, I was crying... though very carefully! Can you imagine if I ruined a 78-year-old Limited Edition book at first touch?! Ahhhhhh! I’m sure some of my friends wouldn’t put it past me :)

I’m looking forward to the many years to come when I can pick up this book and be reminded of Adam’s thoughtfulness and love... and go give him a smooch.

It’s the little acts of showing people that you care that make life really special...

Love you, Babe!



  1. Awesome gift! Major brownie points for Adam. Thoughtfullness wins everytime!

  2. What a wonderful gift. Adam is going to make some men look horrible now!