Monday, May 10, 2010

Wedding Words of Wisdom: Looking Fab in your Wedding Photos

Looking fab in your wedding photos (or any special occasions, for that matter): Tips from Miranda & Adam at Reminisce Photography & Design

~ Be yourself! If you normally don't wear a lot of makeup, don't be out of your element on your wedding day by wearing heavy makeup, as you might appear unconfident in your photos. They also won't showcase who you truly are. Same goes for dress-hunting. Trends are great for inspiring, but be sure  that if you choose a dress trend, it captures your personality (as opposed to overpowering it).

~ Reserve looking orange for the Oompa Loompas :) Tanning is your own personal preference, but be careful not to over-do it. What kind of skin-tone did you have when you fell in love with your dress? Colors (even different shades of white) that look good on us compliment our skin tone. If you change your skin tone drastically, your dress will look drastically different on you... just something to chew on.

~ If you aren't fabulous at makeup, get it professionally done.

~ And speaking of professional makeup, guys can have it too. Just a bit to even out skin-tone, cover blemishes, etc. If professionally done, NO ONE will be able to tell he’s wearing makeup and his skin will look flawless.

~ Bare Minerals makeup photographs beautifully. Some concealers / foundations photograph strangely by reflecting / absorbing light differently than your skin. Best to consult with a makeup artist to be sure that your makeup will photograph awesomely.

 ~ Steer clear of glitter lotion. Your amazing dress should make you feel like a princess... no need to overdue it with glitter.

 ~ Try your dress on sitting down, too, and not just standing. Your dress should be flattering standing and sitting. If not, some alterations are in order.

 ~ If you're getting married in hot weather, side swept bangs aren't the best option, as they get sweaty.

 ~ Get your teeth whitened... but not so much that they’re black-light sensitive :)

~ Hire an amazing photographer. You can look red-carpet-worthy, but if you don’t have a photographer who can capture the beauty, emotion and fun of your wedding day, you’ll walk away with lackluster photos. Your photographer should be an Artist and a Professional who can not only anticipate moments before they happen, but through a trained and instinctive eye, know how to interpret and capture them creatively. Your photographs are how you’ll remember your wedding, and they should be just as wonderful as your Big Day.

~ As you can see, not over-doing it is the underlying message in most of our tips. Be yourself, and you’ll look great! Hire a photographer who can tap into your personalities and capture them in photos... you’re all set!

Have a great week :)
~Miranda & Adam


  1. AnonymousMay 10, 2010

    Great tips. Here's one from me. Hire Miranda and Adam for amazing photographs!