Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Reminisce: On The Morning Blend

Yesterday Adam had the privilege of going on The Morning Blend with a couple of our photographer friends to represent The Collection, an awesome photography group that we belong to. It's Wedding Week on the show, and our group is happy to help couples learn what to look for in a photographer, how to find a photographer that's right for them, and the importance of hiring a Professional.

Click here to watch yesterday's show and see my hubby answer some questions at the end of the segment. If you have a Mac, you'll just need to download Windows Media Player (and then it takes a few minutes for the video to load, but it's worth the wait!).

Also, tune in Friday at 9AM to see The Collection again, answering some very helpful questions.

As a side-note, I went with to get my fill of the behind-the-scenes, and it was so much fun! Hanging out in the green room, seeing the set, and watching them record live from the side of the set was awesome. And from a mushy wife perspective, I think the lighting was just perfect to show off my hubby's dimples! lol :)

Happy Wedding Planning!

~Miranda & Adam

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