Monday, January 25, 2010

Miranda's Valentine's Wish-list ~ Things I Love

A Kelly Moore bag: I'd like to shoot in style. My current bag is wonderfully functional, but not very pretty. I have a purse fetish and have been resisting temptation for quite some time because I'm trying to be practical. So this purse-like camera bag would make me very happy :)

Nikon 16mm fisheye: One of my biggest photography pet peeves is when people over-use their fisheye... so much so that it discouraged me from buying one for the longest time. But I promise I'll only use it with a purpose and intended vision, not to be trendy or rely on it to make "stuff look cool."

A Snuggie: I get cold editing at the computer all day. Blankets fall off and robes are open on the chest and neck (while they cover my butt, which doesn't need help staying warm).

Your Shape featuring Jenny McCarthy: My current pilates DVD is getting old (as in the boring sense of the word). I heard negative reviews on Wii Fit, but I love Jenny McCarthy, so I'd imagine that her workout might be fun! Anyone with reviews? As a side-note, her baby books are hilarious! I read them when my sister was pregnant... they're a fast and super funny / educational read. (ok, not good as a Valentine's gift, but it still made my wish list).

A personal teapot set with tray: I love sipping tea while I read. It'd be awesome to have a pot and tray that I could set next to me on the couch. So cozy!

An infinity scarf: Can you tell I'm always cold? I love that these scarves are functional and stylish!

Cook books: Adam and I both like to cook, but I'm finding myself in a routine. I look recipes up online a lot, and then I close the window when I'm done and they get lost in the abyss of the internet. I'd love some new books so that when I find recipes that we like, I can actually make them again without doing a half-hour google search!

A very large jewelry hanging apparatus that looks cool: I have a lot of long necklaces and no good way to store them without getting tangled. Jewelry trees don't cut it because they're too small. I'd like something to hang on the wall that is also fun to look at.


  1. I love your valentines list. I just ordered my kelly moore bag after seeing in at Imaging USA, I love it in person as I did online! Can't wait to get it. And as I'm working I have my snuggy on!

  2. I look forward to seeing some of your shots with a fisheye lens. I don't use ours very often with video either. However, I'm slowly learning how to use all the features on my Nikon DSLR, and perhaps one day I will be advanced enough to use one!