Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jennie & Scott's Engagement | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

We had a blast photographing Jennie and Scott's engagement session! As photographers, one of our favorite moments is when we take a shot and we just know that it rocked. Then we check out the viewfinder and it's confirmed. Such a great feeling :) We had quite a few of those at their session, and we're sure their wedding will be just as inspiring!

We started out at the Milwaukee Public Museum where we took a walk through the "Streets of Old Milwaukee." Jennie and Scott shared their first kiss on these streets... :)

The next photo is where they had their first kiss...

Then we went from the museum streets to the real streets. Between the super dark streets of the museum and the dark and cloudy day outside, we had great opportunity to play around with some cool lighting techniques.

Had to show off the adorable "tulip sleeves" of Jennie's coat (she coined that term), below... and of course the ring!

For the photogs reading this, the next two shots are SOOC. Gotta love it when that happens!

Thanks so much for a fun shoot! Looking forward to your wedding in June... it'll be such a cool contrast of seasons, too!

Happy Holidays! Enjoy your prime rib ;)

~Miranda & Adam


  1. Love this series, well done! Happy Holidays! :) <3

  2. LOVE the pictures!! Scott really likes the one of us jumping in the air. He is proud of the "air he got". Can't wait to see more!

    Jennie and Scott

  3. These photos are awesome! Can't wait to see what the photographer comes up with for the wedding! Your love for each other shows in how you look at each other. Love you both!!!

    Mom & Dad W

  4. I love the pictures. Very fun, especially the ones walking on the street, the kissing ones are so sweet. Congratulations again!