Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary Sara & Shaun ~ Intercontinental | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

One year ago today, Sara and Shaun tied the knot at Milwaukee's Intercontinental! Here are some of our favorite spreads from their custom-designed wedding album...

While Sara and the girls hustled and bustled, Shaun and the guys had a relaxing time getting ready at Buckhead Saloon.

Since their ceremony and reception were in the same location, they did the First Look. By doing the First Look, they could do their formals before the ceremony so they could start celebrating with their guests right away.

We had fun walking around the Third Ward for their bride and groom shots... Sara in her 4-inch berry heels that she wore the whole day and night! Aren't her shoes fab?! I love shoes being a splash of color for the bride.

One of their ceremony spreads...

Congratulations on your One Year Anniversary! Hope this first year has been just as vibrant as your shoes :)

~Miranda & Adam


  1. Thanks Miranda! We just got back from our stay at the InterContinental - I was looking forward to the flashback on our anniversary! ;) - Sara

  2. Looks very beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.

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