Friday, November 13, 2009

Bethany & Matthew's Engagement | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer

Bethany and Matthew are such a sweet couple! We had fun during their engagement session playing in the leaves, getting some coffee and taking advantage of the beautiful light that day! Here are some of our favorite photos from their shoot...

We stumbled upon patches of huge mushrooms and couldn't resist getting a ring shot. Bethany's ring setting is really unique, too... it's offset so that the circle of the band doesn't get interrupted, representing their unity.

We love it when the sun creates natural spotlights through the branches of the trees...

We left Grant Park to head to the Third Ward, and on the way were amazed at the gorgeous sky! We pulled over to a random vacant lot to capture it with Bethany and Matthew.

During the evening of their engagement, they were hanging out in the Third Ward for Gallery Night, so we stopped there for some of their photos. Bella Cafe was where they went to warm up before the walk that Matthew proposed on :)

Thanks for a fun shoot! Don't forget to share the info on the play(s) you're in, Bethany... we'd love to come see it!

~Miranda & Adam


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