Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back from Vaca!

Adam and I are back from our vacation well rested, and ready for the second half of wedding season!

We were going to go on a road-trip, but then decided that our ideal vacation at the moment is... doing nothing :) We’ve been so busy that all we wanted to do was veg out. So we went to Adam’s dad’s place in Wisconsin’s north woods, a 6 hour drive north of Milwaukee in the middle of nowhere (Price County to be exact).

We had an awesome time going on some scenic country drives, reading Weird Wisconsin together, playing cribbage, playing some video games, watching movies, going fishing and having a bonfire. I (Miranda) even got to catch up on my reading. Eat, Pray, Love is now in my top 3 books (the other two are Wuthering Heights and The Time Traveler’s Wife, and no, I don’t think I’m seeing the movie that came out. It’s sure to disappoint like all book-movies, though they did cast Clare well). And I’m about half-way through The Alchemist right now, which seems equally awesome.

We also did one of our favorite things that we don’t get to do too much during wedding season: cook! Sure, we make some fast meals at home, but nothing too exciting. So we were pretty much in heaven being able to relax and cook for each other. We’ll post some of our favorite recipes from our trip in a different blog post for you :)

Anyhoo, here are some photos from our trip :D

The fish weren't very active, so when I had a tough time reeling it in, I thought it was just a good seaweed catch. Well, I wasn't too far off, but there was a teeny tiny fish hidden in all of that seaweed!

We stopped at Wildwood Wildlife Park and had some fun with the animals...

We must have been there just before the goats' lunch time, because after I fed one they all started stalking me! When I jokingly ran away, they all followed, and they even started eating my clothes and jumping on me. I just embraced it and became "Queen of the Goats." ;) On our way out, a lady jumped up from the bench after a goat was eating her hair!

They had "Bear Juice" that you could feed the bears...

Some of Adam’s family came up for the second half of our trip; one day while the guys went golfing, I went shopping with the ladies and finally found the antique camera I’ve been looking for for 3 months for Adam’s birthday (which was 2 1/2 months ago). I’ve been telling him that his present was “in progress.” I also got myself a vintage hat for my new collection.

Hope you enjoyed the photos from our trip! Don't forget to check back for our recipes :D


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Thanks much!
~Miranda & Adam

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  1. My fiance's parents have a place in Price county as well! Sometimes its nice to go up there and get fresh air...I always just want to sleep from all the oxygen! Cant wait to meet you guys in a few weeks! - Gretta Rolfson 9-19-09