Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wedding Words of Wisdom: Getting dressed

As photographers, Adam and I are there throughout the entire wedding process. We do our best to help you find other vendors, figure out your wedding timeline, offer advice on creative ideas to incorporate into your day... and we're there behind the scenes. We see everything that happens on your wedding day. And with each wedding we photograph, we learn something new to bring with us. For example, we've upgraded our sewing kit scissors that we always have on us to a larger, sharper pair. Our scissors have been used to cut the rings off the pillow, cut hanger straps off of dresses, and cut the aisle ribbon so processional could start :)

So, we thought we'd extend our help even further by offering our "Wedding Words of Wisdom," which will be a regular addition to our blog now. Whenever we learn something new that can help with your wedding day, we'll post it!

This week, we have some words of wisdom about getting dressed.

1) Label the tuxes and bridesmaids dresses. You'd be surprised how often we see these mixed up. Actually, they were mixed up on our own wedding day, too. Adam said, "Dude, my pants are too long." And our best man Dave said, "Dude, my pants are too short." Then they realized that they had switched their pants. Oopsies. So they changed their pants in the car on their way to our wedding :) I've seen the same thing happen with bridesmaids. The simple task of labeling with save a lot of chaos.

2) You get your dress, you get it altered, and then it hangs in your closet until the wedding day, right? Ok, PLEASE DON'T DO THIS. People gain and lose weight, and you don't want to figure that out on the day of the wedding when your dress suddenly doesn't fit you right. Try your dress on a couple of months before the wedding so you can see if you need to alter your dress (or yourself) again.

3) Try your dress on (and get it altered) with the undergarments that you'll be wearing on the wedding day. You'd be surprised at how many times I've seen women stitching their dress to their bra ON the wedding day because their bra is showing. Or they have to take their bra off entirely. Or they have to run home to try a different bra. You get the point. Also, walk around the house in different lighting (natural, warm bathroom lighting, florescent lighting, and bright outdoor lighting) to make sure you can't see your undergarments through your dress in any circumstance.

4) Get clear deodorant. White marks on your dress (of any color) is not that pretty.

Thanks for reading! Did you find our Wedding Words of Wisdom helpful? Any topics you'd like advice on?

Talk to you soon,
Miranda (& Adam)

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