Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sultry Sessions! Upcoming days: July 5th and August 5th

Ladies and gentlemen, drumroll please.........

Take a seat and enjoy some super sexy photos from our new sassy service: Sultry Sessions!

Also known as Boudoir, these sessions are the perfect gift to give for birthday, Valentine’s Day, your wedding night, anniversary or any other ol’day to rekindle the flame. OR... just do it to celebrate your own fabulousness :)

Sessions are fun, tasteful and empowering.

Before I continue, I should mention that Adam will not be photographing these... just me, Miranda, to make you feel all the more comfortable and sexy. I talk with you ahead of time to break the ice, learn what you want to flaunt and things you might like to hide, and then help showcase your inner goddess :)

I also bring a little collection of accessories to perfect any of your outfits. What makes you feel beautiful? A slinky turtleneck? Your man’s work shirt? A little black dress? I’m happy to help you think of some alluring looks, too.

We offer on-location sessions in your home or Sultry Session Days which take place in a Milwaukee hotel suite.

Our upcoming Sultry Session Days are Sunday, July 5th and Wednesday, August 5th. Invite some gal pals to book sessions with you, and receive a group discount! You can hang out in the same room if that makes you feel more comfortable, or all book private times.

Sessions are $350 and include a steamy little book.

Call 414.405.6693 or email miranda@capturingyourday.com to reserve your spot. Spaces are limited.

Thanks so much to these two gorgeous ladies for allowing us to post so many photos of them!*

*We only use photos for our portfolio that you're comfortable with! :)

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  1. I love these! What an awesome idea. My favs are the girl reflected in the table and the 3rd one from the end. Blacklit B&W = Amazing!