Friday, April 17, 2009

Family Session ~ Ava & Grace

Last week Miranda and I took a break from work to hang out with Miranda's mom and sis and our two nieces, Ava and Grace, at the Mitchell Park Domes. It had been awhile since we photographed the girls, so Miranda's sister April, the multitasker that she is, thought we could combine family bonding with a little family photo session.

We brought along gifts from the Easter Bunny for the girls- a tutu for Ava (she loves to dance) and a bunny for Grace. Go figure, their favorite gifts were each other's, and Grace "borrowed" Ava's tutu to give us some nice cheeseburger smiles and live up to her "Cute is my middle name" t-shirt :)

Talk soon,


  1. tutu girlie with the awesome dome environment is the cutest!
    J.Sumner :)

  2. i like the shot of them both on the bench. shweet.