Thursday, April 02, 2009

Engagement Session ~ Susie & Brian

Susie and I (Miranda) met in college in the graphic design program, and through the stress of a very demanding and life-consuming program (it seriously was), we became close friends :)

Anyhoo, Susie and Brian have been together forever, and a few years ago we photographed a Couple's Session for them. Since it felt like an eternity ago since our last session, and because we stumbled upon an awesome location by their house, we suggested another session. And this time they're engaged!

They agreed, and so all Adam and I had to do was re-discover the awesome location (a crumbling barn foundation in the middle of nowhere, or "God's Country," as I like to call it) that we randomly drove past on a random road on a random day. Neat... a treasure hunt ;)

Well, we ended up finding it, but realized that it was on someone's property... so we went up to the house (hoping a creepy person didn't live there) to ask if we could shoot on their property. It ended up being the nicest older lady who invited us in BEFORE asking why we were there. How sweet! :)

So we picked up Susie and Brian and the rest is shooting history. Here are a few of our favs...

Looking forward to shooting / standing up in your wedding! xo

(Susie's ring is part of Brian's family... a very sweet story and an honor that Susie has it)

(We climb all over the place to get the shot!)


  1. YAY Susie and Brian! GREAT photos Miranda/Adam! So beautiful--what a find in that location!

  2. Melissa TomanApril 02, 2009

    I love these photos! Good job!